Important Notice December 2020

Swarovski has changed direction and are no longer selling their products to dealers. As soon as my current stock is gone, I won't be able to replace it. I have been updating my site accordingly but I suggest you check with me on available stock in case I have missed any. I have opened an account with Preciosa (Bohemian Czech Crystals) and will be listing them as they arrive. Preciosa is one of the world's best crystal and glass manufacturers so keep a look out for them.


taking a short break back 22 to 29 January 2020.


Swarovski issues new colours and designs every six months. We don't always purchase all of these items unless we believe that we have a market for them. Check out Swarovski's latest Innovations here and let us know if you would like us to stock them.

June 2016 new website launched with better navigation and shopping cart clarity.

23 April 2016 Many 8mm bicones have been discontinued. I will continue to supply the stock that I still have but will no be able to get any more. One that I have run out of is209 Rose and 277 Purple Velvet. Other colours that have been discontinued include chrysolite, citrine, dark indigo, denim blue, erinite, fern green, fireopal, fuchsia, garnet (all sizes), hyacinth, indicolite, sun (all sizes) and 15 others plus most of the effects.

18 September 2015, bad news for some shoppers, Swarovski has deleted Volcano as a colour in all of its lines. They are also in the process of deleting several 8mm bicones. It is best to check first to see if we can still get them or we may have a small number left in stock. Regards Dennis

9 May 2012: New coloures have just arrived. These include Jade, Turquoise, Lapis, Red Coral and Ivory Pearls and Fern Green - Topaz blend, Blue Zircon - Burgundy Blend and Luminous Green Bicones.




June 2016 new web site launches with better navigation and shopping cart clarity.